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PLFM reviews claims in order to assess whether or not they are suitable for litigation funding (further information on litigation funding can be found below).

PLFM is based in Australia, but also considers claims from many other offshore jurisdictions. PLFM reviews claims such as insolvency recovery, contractual disputes, intellectual property matters, class actions, and any other types of litigation where the outcome is damages against the defendant. PLFM is basically agnostic about the type of claim provided that it has legal merit.

PLFM will respond to any prospective litigants whom contact us (in person or by phone) and review their claims for funding suitability. Once funding has been arranged, PLFM will then help assist in the management of funded claims to a final outcome.

PLFM is the manager of the PLF Fund.

Premier Litigation Funding

PLF is a litigation funder based in Australia. Once PLFM has assessed a claim, PLF will make a final decision on whether to fund the claim (or not).

PLF is flexible in its approach to providing funding as it can offer full funding packages, partial funding packages, or provide ‘seed’ funding for claims which require preliminary work.

What is Litigation Funding?

Litigation funders provide funds to a litigant in order for them to proceed with their legal claims. These funds are used to pay the litigant’s legal and expert fees in relation to the claim.

Assuming a successful outcome, the Funder will receive either a percentage of the recovery sum (or a multiple of the funds advanced by the Funder subject to the terms of the funding agreement), whether it be from a settlement or Court judgement. This return will reflect the risks taken in providing funding for the claim.

If the litigation is not successful for the funded litigant, the Funder will normally cover some or all any adverse cost orders (depending on the terms of the funding agreement).

Litigation funding can be used by claimants who are either unable to afford their legal fees, or claimants (both individuals and businesses) who are seeking a way to ‘de-risk’ their litigation.

The PLFM Process

  1. Contact us
  2. Enter into a confidentiality agreement
  3. Review of Claim
  4. Meet/Discuss Claim with litigant
  5. Arranging Funding
  6. Assist where necessary in managing the Claim

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